Why Preventive Maintenance for Printers Is Important

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When it comes to the life and performance of your printing hardware, an ounce of prevention truly does save a pound of cure. Whether you acquire service documentation and training to offer this valuable support yourself or bring in an expert to provide it for you, the attention you give your printers can head off major malfunctions, avoid costly repairs that stem from neglect and keep your business running smoothly without downtime for diagnostics and emergency repairs.

Laser printers accumulate dust and other contaminants from their environment and the paper they process. Inkjet printheads also attract dust, which can interfere with the proper emission of ink onto the page. Rollers and other parts of a printer’s paper path can become soiled from regular use, or the introduction of loose toner or stray ink inside the machine. Jams and misfeeds can introduce fragments of paper into the working mechanism. Without preventive maintenance, these contaminants can reduce output quality, cause operational problems or even stop a printer from running.

Routine maintenance includes proper lubrication of appropriate moving parts inside a printer. Especially in the case of a high-volume networked printer, the combination of constant use, heat, the byproducts of supplies and consumables and the gradual depletion of lubrication applied during manufacturing or service can cause squeaks, balky operation and even failure, all of which preventive attention can eliminate.

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