What steps can I take to help keep my cartridges in a reusable condition?

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Remember, reuse is the highest form of recycling, so whether you are having your cartridges refilled and keeping them for yourself, or are giving them away to be remanufactured/refilled, there are a few things you can do to help the success rate.

  1. Never print until ALL the ink is gone. You should watch your printouts and when your print quality becomes noticeably poor, STOP printing and replace your cartridge. If you print until your cartridge is completely out of ink you run the risk of burning out the print heads on the cartridge, thereby rendering the cartridge completely unusable.
  2. Always store your ink cartridges (whether full or empty) with the print heads facing down. This allows them to stay moist and prevent dried ink from clogging the print heads.
  3. If your ink cartridge came with a clip, placing the cartridge back into the clip also helps prevent the print heads from drying out. If you do not have a clip place your cartridge in a sealed plastic bag.
  4. Protect the copper electronics area of your cartridge. If this area becomes scratched, dented, etc. your cartridge may become unusable. The same clips that prevent the print heads from drying out are also used to protect the copper electronics also.

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