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Many aspects of printing are changing including the way people print, the frequency of which they print and the things they are printing. Printing technologies have evolved immensely over the years and one major innovation that is changing the future of printing is the 3D Printer. Although this is a still a fairly new concept, the printing experts at Eco Ink & Toner believe that 3D printing will be a great feature in the future of printing.

Here is our list of the top, coolest things that have ever been 3D printed:

1. Local Motors’ 3D Printed Strati Car

Phoenix, Arizona-based Local Motors is trying to upend the automobile industry by 3D printing customized vehicles. The design for the Strati, the world’s first 3D printed car, was obtained by the company after hosting a design competition. The first vehicle was printed at the International Manufacturing Technology show in Chicago in 2014 and blew the media away.

2. 3D Printed Miniature Power Tools

There are so many awesome designs we have seen over the years from our readers, but nothing compared to two functioning power tools created by a man named Lance Abernethy, who had initially 3D printed a miniature working version of a drill. His creation garnered so much support that he decided, only a couple of weeks ago, to add to his miniature power tool collection by 3D printing and assembling a circular saw.

3. 3D Printed Five-Story Office Building

Winsun, which has 3D printed several homes and buildings including a mansion, 3D printed the walls of this office building within their manufacturing facility before shipping them off to the build site. The walls were assembled to create the finished product and then the building was finished with traditional construction techniques.

4. 3D Printed Lawn Mower

While there had already been 3D printed cars, buildings and human skin fabricated, there had yet to be a working 3D printed lawnmower, until South African engineer Hans Fouche decided to print just that. Fouche, who has been working on a large-scale 3D printer in his garage called the Cheetah, decided to use it for something functional. While he has 3D printed a variety of interesting objects such as a vacuum cleaner, furniture and other awesome things, probably his coolest creation was this white ABS lawn mower, which remarkably took just 9 hours to print.

5. Last but not least, Medical Miracles

3D printing in medicine has been skyrocketing. And the list of objects that have already been successfully printed in this field demonstrates the potential that this technology holds for healthcare in the near future. Some examples include: Tissues with blood vessels, Prosthetic Parts, Medical Models, Bone, Heart Valve, and Organs, just to name a few.

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