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Consumers looking for a printer to use at home usually opt to choose inkjet printers over laser printers. In fact, inkjet printers are considered the most commonly type of printer used. For one reason, inkjet printers are capable of producing bright and lively colored printouts compare to laser printers. Some inkjet printers are even designed for photo-printing and feature seven inks including the basic CMYK colors with additional inks like light magenta, light cyan and light yellow to improve their color gamut like some of the Epson and Canon printer models have.

Another reason why most people used inkjet printers is because of its price. Inkjet printers cost lower than laser printers and so does it printer supplies, its ink cartridges to be exact. However, the time comes when these inkjet cartridges go wrong, leaving your printer defunct and you frustrated. Well, these could often happen when one doesn’t have an idea on how to store ink cartridges properly.

You see, inkjet cartridges are very sensitive and can easily be affected by the weather or temperature. Inkjet cartridges should be store at a place with temperature around 40 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Too much heat can cause air bubbles to expand inside the cartridge and may cause the ink to leak. You should also keep in mind that when storing inkjet cartridges especially those tri-color cartridges, never place it on their side or upside down which might not only cause the ink to leak but the color to cross-contaminate as well.

Storing your ink cartridges in the correct temperature can actually lengthen their shelf-life. And knowing how to properly store them is an important thing especially for those who want to save on their printing expenses and likely to buy in bulks. Bearing in mind the details mentioned above doesn’t just help you in stacking up but also saves you from the risk of sacrificing your savings and wasting a lot of money that comes from having a stock pile of defunct cartridges all because they were not properly stored.

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