Printer Supplies — Key to SMBs Productiveness

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SMB-Gear-InfographicThe survey conducted by Office Depot of 964 SMBs, the Small Business Index, found that SMBs are “prioritizing office and printing supplies to finish the year strong”, and believe that office supplies “are key to their success”. Office supplies are the “top investment” for SMBs in the second half of this year, with 31%, and owners believe that supplies “fuel business operations and produce feelings of productivity and control”.

Ink and toner were found to be the second most “productive” of office supplies for SMBs, with computers first at 52%, and printing and fax machines at 45%. Creatively, 30% named markers, while 14% and 11% respectively said highlighters and envelopes made them feel “in control”. Payroll and salaries, and advertising and marketing, were the second and third highest investments for SMBs, with 25% and 22% respectively.

Interestingly, despite “technology’s prevalence in the workplace”, 42% of SMBs said that “paper is their favorite office gear”, while 26% said pens, but 39% preferred ink and toner. Computers were the fourth “most desired” supply with 20%. For office organisation, essentials (at 51%), sticky notes (at 50%) and legal pads (41%) were the most popular, but file folders (with 65%) were the most popular.

Steve Calkins, Executive Vice President of Office Depot’s Business Solutions Division, stated: “At Office Depot, we realize it’s important for SMBs to make the right investments to stay nimble and lean. Whether it’s paper and pens or computers, we make it easy to equip SMBs with tools that maximize efficiency and help them achieve success.”