Making Your Printing More Eco-Friendly

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The importance of being green is spreading to a lot of industries nowadays. The biggest strain on the environment remains the use of oil for heating and power, but there are a lot of ways aside from saving energy that can help a person to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why recycle?

Ink cartridges might not be the biggest culprit in damaging the world, but any area that can be made more eco-friendly should be investigated. By recycling them, fewer cartridges will need to be produced and therefore the environmental impact of our printing will be reduced.

A few facts on the environmental impact of using and not recycling ink cartridges are summarised below to put this into perspective:

– Approximately 4.8kg of CO2 are emitted from manufacturing a single mono toner ink cartridge

– Each of these ink cartridges contributes 3.5lb of solid waste and can take between 450 and 1,000 years to decompose fully

– Estimates suggest around 90% of all empty ink cartridges are not recycled

Not all inkjet cartridges can be recycled, but many can. Toners for laser printers can also be recycled so it’s important that you investigate all of your options to see just how much more environmentally efficient you can make your printing. Luckily for you, Eco Ink & Toner will help you take care of this issue! Call us for more details!