3 Money-Saving Services for Your Business

According to Mashable, the average American employee prints approximately 10,000 sheets of paper every year. Think about that. That’s the equivalent of an entire tree! Printing, filing, training decks, reports, direct mail campaigns, official notices – the need for paper in today’s business environment is endless, even in a world where digital format is the new norm. Truth is that nearly 71 million tons of paper and paperboard products are used in the United States each year, and the costs for all

5 Printing Tips To Save You Money

How you print and the type of settings you use has a large impact on how often you will need to replace your cartridges. Learning these 5 printing tips will enable you to optimize your printing settings. When you consciously make an effort to save ink or toner, you aren’t just saving your wallet, you’re helping the environment too! Font Size When you go to print a document type size is probably not something you think about. Even though you are just

Facts About Recycling Ink and Toner Cartridges

Each year over 375 million empty ink and toner cartridges are thrown away with most ending up in landfills or in incinerators. To put this in perspective the 375 million cartridges per year amount to disposal of: – 1,000,000 cartridges per day – 11 cartridges per second. – 375 million cartridges put end-to-end would circle the earth over three times. This mountain of waste can be reduced through reuse and recycling. Yet approximately 70% of all ink cartridges and 50% of all toner cartridges are