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According to Mashable, the average American employee prints approximately 10,000 sheets of paper every year. Think about that. That’s the equivalent of an entire tree!

Printing, filing, training decks, reports, direct mail campaigns, official notices – the need for paper in today’s business environment is endless, even in a world where digital format is the new norm. Truth is that nearly 71 million tons of paper and paperboard products are used in the United States each year, and the costs for all these materials are always going up.

Thinking about these facts, what does the situation say then about the cost of the products and equipment used in all this printing? According to a recent Ray Morgan Company report, printing alone can cost American businesses approximately $725 per employee per year on average. Nationwide, across the 18 million small and medium sized businesses, the average cost comes out to…well, a lot. In the billions, anyways. What is clear is that these same reports have proven that printing costs is the 3rd highest operating expense next to rent and payroll.

There have to be ways to cut back on printing costs and make sure that your company is printing efficiently, right? With Eco Ink & Toner, there are! Our company offers amazing money-saving services that can bring down costs and overhead, and improve your bottom line in the long run – no matter what kind of business you’re in:

  • Cartridge Remanufacturing: By examining, refilling, and print-testing all our pre-owned cartridges, we can provide printer cartridges to your business for less. Each of our remanufactured cartridges is disassembled, damaged parts are replaced and cleaned, and all the finished products are put through put a battery of tests to ensure the highest quality. This means you get a perfectly high-functioning cartridge that fits your exact printer model and needs, at a fraction of the price of other retail outfits.
  • Green Recycling Programs: Eco Ink & Toner recycles more than 4.5 million printing cartridges every year. We also organize recycling programs for businesses worldwide, which allows us to do even more for the planet! This means that we can work smarter and more efficiently with the materials we’ve gathered and keep costs down for your business!
  • Expert Advice: How do you know if you your office is printing efficiently? Are your printers up to date? Could you be saving more?  You’ll never know the answers until you consult the experts at Eco Ink & Toner! Our experts will get you the right product at the right price, guaranteed.

By taking advantage of these services, you are doing the most to develop a strong, cost efficient print strategy. And, in a world where many companies are unsure of what they spend annually on printing, that puts you well ahead of the curve.


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